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Yosemite Drawings from 34 Years Ago Discovered!

Tweet Recently, I was going through some old personal papers in the garage – much of it was useless and finally was tossed out, but hidden in the ancient folders, binders and loose papers I found an art pad with some drawing in it from when I was fourteen years old… that would be 34 […]

Just Keep Growing

Tweet Yosemite National Park is home to some of the world’s most majestic water falls and grandest granite cliffs. There is so much that is HUGE in Yosemite, that if one isn’t careful, they can miss the small wonders that lie around almost every corner. One of the most fascinating things you discover getting out […]

A Time of Reflection

Tweet One of the highlights of Yosemite, is seeing the reflection of towering granite cliffs in the water of the valley. In fact, one of the lakes in Yosemite earned the name “Mirror Lake” due to the beautiful reflections upon it’s surface. While not technically a lake, visitors enjoy seeing in its smooth surface the […]

The Cure for Smart Phone Addiction

Tweet Last Sunday, our pastor continued a series called Satisfied. He shared some amazing statistics about Americans and their cell phones: 66% of Americans feel anxious if they are separated from their device. 58% do not miss one waking hour without checking their smart phone. 59% of Americans check email as soon as comes in. […]

Meeting God Upon the Rock

Tweet From one of the 2014 Summiteers: Yosemite Summit was an incredible experience that I pray I’ll be able to attend again.  It truly was a place to experience our Creator like never before.  Put aside all the pressures and stresses of ministry and life and connect with the Father.  I’ve walked away from Yosemite […]

Renew, Refresh, Recharge

Tweet There are few places on the earth like Yosemite National Park. And there is no conference like Yosemite Summit… because it is the UN-conference for men in ministry. You’ve been to conferences. You’ve gotten overloaded with ideas when you were overloaded already when you arrived. More ideas was not what you were needing. You […]

Area Closed – Personal Restoration in Progress

Tweet As you hike around Yosemite, especially in the highly trafficked areas of the Valley, you will often see areas closed off with a sign that says, “AREA CLOSED – Restoration In Progress.” Aceites pelo fabricante do medicamento, é necessário um aval médico a indicar que aquela pessoa pode tomar determinado tipo de medicamento. As […]