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Yosemite Summit 2016


May 21-25, 2016. Sunday to Thursday
(Travel on 20th and 26th)


1) Make a Deposit to indicate you are serious about attending. Deposit is $100. Membership to is not required, but we appreciate your support of our ministry. (If you are not currently a member, join here.) Note: Deposit is non-refundable once you are confirmed.

2) After you make your deposit, Contact Karl Bastian and let him know you want to attend Yosemite Summit and that you have made your deposit. (He will confirm with bookkeeper.) Karl will send you an event application to fill out and return. It will help him get to know you, where you are on your spiritual journey, what has drawn you to the Summit, and explain in detail what will happen on the Summit and the expectations for how the Summit unfolds as a group dynamic.

3) Karl will help you determine if this is right for you. This process will include reviewing your application and conducting a phone interview with you.

4) Approval Process:

a) Accepted: If accepted to the Summit the balance of $500 (plus ~$100 for Sacramento lodging if applicable) will be due half by December 31st and the final balance by April 1st. (You will be invoiced before that time.) You are welcome to make payment as long as the entire balance is paid by the deadline. This step is simply to ensure those coming are coming for the right reasons. Don’t stress over the ‘approval’ process.

b) Refunded: If during the application process it determined by either you or Karl that this event is not a fit for either your goals or the purpose of the event, your deposit will be refunded.

5) If approved, you will be given access to a private Yosemite Summit Facebook Group where you be able to interact with previous Summit attendees, start to fellowship and plan for the event, get encouragement and training tips as your prepare for the Summit, and begin your journey toward Yosemite Summit! It’s a lot of fun as we get to know each other in the months leading up to the Summit!

Sign ups are accepted in the order the deposit is received. Note: Deposits are refunded if the application is not accepted for any reason. This event could again have a waiting list, so sign up ASAP.

See COST page for complete details on event costs.


If you are interested in Yosemite Summit, Karl is looking forward to hearing from you! Here is how the registration process will work.


Requirements are:

1) Men only.

2) You must be in a full time ministry at an evangelical church or para-church ministry. Certain exceptions will be considered, please contact Karl to discuss.

3) A statement of faith and standards of conduct will need to be signed (included in application) that will detail expectations for attendees. Since there are limited slots, attendees agree to attend the entire event and to leave all work behind in order to experience the full intent and impact of the event.

4) No Work Allowed. (No laptops are allowed!) iPad/iPhones are now permitted for hiking apps, but iPads are discouraged. Email accounts are encouraged to be removed from all iPads and smart phones to avoid interruption and distraction. Some use their iPad for Bible reading and note taking. This is fine as long as the spirit of the ban is honored.

5) You will need to sign a standard release of liability included with the application stating that you are in adequate physical shape for this event and that you will not hold Kidology liable for any injuries or accidents that occur while on this trip. This is not a commercial tour or commercial event, but friends traveling to Yosemite together to enjoy a time of fellowship and hiking. Any and all risks assumed in the National Park is your own and should be entered upon with common sense and respect for the natural dangers that can be found within. We will exercise reasonable caution and group accountability as we hike along established trails to minimize potential risks. (See: Is Yosemite Safe?)

6) There are no refunds on deposit or payments if you drop out of the event after being confirmed. Your registration is used to book a lodge and other expenses which are not refundable to Kidology. Kidology significantly subsidizes the actual costs of this event as an investment in the refreshment of ministers.


I am praying every day for God to lead just the right group of men together! I look forward to hearing from you!

– Karl


Once the event is full, there will be a Waiting List. A deposit and application is still required, just as though you are required, but no further payment, unless an opening becomes available. Then the entire remaining balance will be required, unless the opening becomes available before the regular deadlines. In that case, you would just become a regular attendee. While the deposit is non-refundable for attendees who drop out, the deposit IS 100% refundable for anyone on the waiting list who ends up not being able to attend. Refund will be given by the end of May.