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May 23rd to May 27th, 2020. Sunday to Thursday
(Travel on May 22nd and May 28th)

NOTE: This is a sample of the schedule from a previous year. The 2021 schedule has not been finalized yet. Karl creates a new schedule every year, but it will be similar.

You can always e-mail karl @ with questions and he’ll get back to you!


Arrival in Sacramento. Most guys arrive this day, and will be picked up at the airport by Karl. We enjoy In-n-Out Burgers, go shopping for food, and the fellowship begins!


7am Hit the Road! We have breakfast at the hotel in Sacramento early and then hit the road.

We have lunch at the Iron Door Salon in Groveland, an interesting as well as historical stop before our final drive into Yosemite Valley.

We’ll drive the loop in the Valley, stopping at various points to take in the spectacular views. We’ll visit the base of the tallest water fall in North America, the majestic Lower Yosemite Falls.

On our way to the lodge, we’ll visit to¬†Turtleback Dome, a hidden favorite, where you will get a beautiful introductory overlook into the Valley without the crowds at Tunnel View before we head to the lodge.

The View from Turtleback Dome
The View from Turtleback Dome

The evening at the lodge is spent unpacking, eating dinner and getting to know each other as we as orientation.


For our first day, we will do one of Karl’s favorite hikes. It begins with an ascent to the top of Sentinel Dome where you enjoy panoramic vistas of the Sierra Nevada – only 70 feet below the top of Half Dome – but viewing it directly across.

Peter taking in the view at the top of Sentinel Dome

Next, we will head down to the newly renovated Mariposa Grove in the Southern area of the Park. If you have never seen Sequoiadendron Giganteum you will be amazed We’ll spend the rest of our day there enjoying a some solo time before heading back to the Lodge.

From the stunning 360 degree views of the entire Sierra Nevada to the quiet among the daunting Sequoias, it will be a day in contrasts of our Creators amazing designs laid out for us to bask in His Glory.


Our next Adventure will take us out of the Valley and up North to a rarely visited gem in Yosemite, Hetch Hetchy. Once a vast Valley much like Yosemite Valley, it is now a reservoir serving the coastal cities of California, but creates a unique hike and the water falls of Wapama Falls should be flowing high!

We’ll spend the entire day on this hike, other than some spots along the route as time allows on our trip back to the Lodge for a relaxing evening.


Day of Options! On Wednesday will we break into groups based on interest and what each guys is feeling up to! Since most of the guys this year are returning, they may want to try something new, or revisit a favorite hike. We’ll know better what our options are once we are in the Park. If Panorama Trail is open, some may want to do that while some take the van to the Valley to reunite in the evening.

Glacier Point would be good to visit on Wednesday, either in the morning to start the day (and perhaps some hikes) or as the conclusion of the day.

One option I am considering is an off-trail adventure to the base of Ribbon Falls. (Another link)


The final day in the park is bitter sweet. Our Summit is coming to a close and yet it’s been an incredible time and we find ourselves both not wanting to leave while eager to get back to our families and to living out the ideas and decisions we have made here.

Therefore, Thursday is a “free day” in the Valley. The goal is some solo time. We each go our separate ways with packed lunches, or guys can pair up for one of the many hikes in the Valley for some final “God Time” to bring to conclusion what He’s been doing in our minds and hearts. Some will strike out to hike, some will just walk the many easy trails in the Valley, others will find a quiet place to just sit, read, reflect, journal and pray and they bring this week to a close. It’s up to them.

YS14-GroupatChapel-MDMeeting at the Yosemite Chapel

Late afternoon, will gather at the Yosemite Chapel, a real functioning church in the heart of the Valley, to close our week before we head back to Sacramento, where we lodge for the flights out the next day.


Everyone flies home on Friday. If your flight is super early, you’ll need to book a shuttle or use Uber, otherwise, I’ll provide drop off if your flight is around mine and when I return the rental van.

I am excited to be going on Yosemite Summit again and to be soon meeting the guys God brought together for this event.

Every year things happen that make that year unique, I’m excited to see what He does this year in our lives.

Be praying about what God is going to do on this Summit!

Karl Bastian

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