Yosemite Summit 2018 Report

Every Summit is amazing. There has never been a “bad” Yosemite Summit. Each is unique, but the 11th annual Summit was uniquely special. The weather was great, the hikes spectacular, the fellowship rich and we had some hysterical fun! Some of the crazy memories aren’t even for sharing here on the website, they are just for the guys who attended to cherish, which is probably why so many guys have come on the Summit year after year – several have come three to five times! As I head into the second decade of leading these, I can’t help wondering how many of these I will do until I head to the final eternal Summit.

The annual group shot at the Yosemite Entrance Sign

Of course, we always try for what we call our “Album Cover Shot” too.

But the fun starts well before we get to Yoosemite, we meet up in Sacramento and everyone is eager to get to In-and-Out Burger

Ever seen a bunch of guys in a giant warehouse store stocking up on food for a week of cooking? I’m sure our wives would find it very entertaining as we wander the store with walkie talkies making sure we have everything. No, worries – we’ve got it down to a science after ten years. The first year I had my wife on the phone the whole time we were shopping!

Soon we are in Yosemite and ready for some great fellowship and prepared to see some amazing things you just can’t see at home!

One of the best things about Yosemite Summit is the friendships that are formed and deepened over the years.

No, that isn’t a green screen backdrop. It’s just that incredible in Yosemite.

The variety of the scenery is incredible – sometimes a quiet walk through the forest…

Other times you are standing next to a thundering waterfall.

Later, you are on top of the world!

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And then later, you are chillin’ next to a peaceful river.
(This is actually called Pastoral Valley, seriously!)

It’s a time for quiet reflection away from the constant interruptions from smart phones, meetings, and yes, even people… so you can hear from God.

When is the last time you got to just sit and think. And ponder. And reflect. And pray.

….without distraction or interuption?

When you gave at God’s magnificent creation that is pretty much unchanged from how it looked when Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt gaved upon it, it gives you a powerful perspective on God’s timelessness and demonstrates just how much not in a hurry He is to accomplish His purposes in your life.

I can’t even describe how nice it is to read God’s Word while enjoying His Creation.

Or to just take a nap listening to the symphony of creation.

A few guys have brought hammocks over the years.

Finding that perfect spot each day to pause, meditate and reflect is the goal.

Everyone wants that mountain top experience, even if it really is just a ten foot rock that makes a great picture. But spiritually, there are many mountain top experiences that occur!

Walking with God and walking with others who share your passion for ministry and discipleship makes for insightful conversation.

I love to chill and just take in the vast vistas. I’ve been trying to figure out how to freeze time while I’m there, but so far I’ve had to settle for just living in the moment and savoring every minute knowing that the experience is rich but limited. It’s amazing to me how long the week feels when you take in every hour deeply. The week truly does not feel like it rushes by as normal weeks do. I am so refreshed at the end, I feel like I’ve had a month off.

Yosemite Summit is a time of reflection – on your own life, relationships, ministry and future goals. It is a time when you can hear God so clearly because all the normal noise of life has been removed.

Yosemite Summit helps you gain new perspective on life and ministry!

I can’t believe that next year will will be the 12th Summit! I’m so curious who God will send with me on the Summit – it’s always so fascinating to me to see the group that God assembles. I enjoy my primary ministry as a children’s pastor, and I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities I get serving leaders in children’s ministry through Kidology, but I must say, Yosemite Summit has got to be one of the most surprisingly enjoyable blessings in my life. It was born out of my own need for renewal and refreshment over a decade ago, and the fact that it has since impacted over fifty other men is both humbling and an honor.

Are you going to join me next year?

Explore YosemiteSummit.org to learn more.

ENJOY THE HIGHLIGHT VIDEO for Yosemite Summit 2019:

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