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Alpinist – and Breathtaking Wallpapers

Tweet In Canada this past weekend I discovered that my host, Steve, was a climbing enthusiast who actually has some serious training and experience in rock and ice climbing! I found myself gawking at the pictures he had on display in his office that he had cut from magazines and a calendar that showed incredible […]

A Prayer Bearly Answered!

Tweet I’ve got lots of pictures to post and stories to tell about the very first Yosemite Summit, but for those of you who like to read the last chapter of books first – I’ll start by telling you about a very cool thing that happened at the very end of the trip. I’d been […]

Stop The World

Tweet Josh, the first Summiteer to to sign up, writes: I was listening to Matthew West’s new album “Something to Say” yesterday and a song really touched me deep in my soul. I think it applies directly to the mission of Yosemite Summit. We are all so very busy everyday and we don’t take time […]

Karl and Yosemite Summit in CM Pros

Tweet In the current edition of Group’s Children’s Ministry Professional edition, I was honored to be featured in an interview in the Career Coach section titled: Following God’s Call. They also included an invitation to Yosemite Summit – some of you may be on this site as a result of that interview. One secret of […]

Dare to Make Dreams Come True

Tweet As mentioned in the video for the First Things First Kidology online training session, my pastor challenged us to consider what “re-creates” us, and to intentionally PLAN it into our lives. Up until that time I wrongly considered recreation to be equal to play and often said my recreation and my occupation were the […]

Yosemite Summit is FULL!

Tweet Roped my last guy to come to Yosemite Summit! Praise the Lord! Yosemite Summit is now FULL! That’s right. Josh, Tom, Dave, Chip, John, Peter and now Kurt and headin’ with Karl to the greatest place on earth to worship where God’s majesty is on display like no where else! There will be a […]

The Power of Hiking

Tweet There is just something powerful about hiking. about exploring. about going where few have gone before. And while Yosemite may be a place visited by many, many more never bother to take the time to plan to get away, and even fewer leave the valley to hike to more remote trails that offer the […]

The Ultimate Five Day Hiking Trip

Tweet This week I was speaking at a children's revival week at a friend's church in Waterford, Michigan. The theme was a hiking / climbing theme on “Climbing Spiritually” so I had all my climbing and hiking and camping gear as part of the stage set up and as object lessons. After the last night, […]

WHAT TO BRING (and not bring)

Tweet I have updated what to bring and NOT BRING to Yosemite Summit on the BRING page of the site. Be sure to work with your wife on the packing! There will be absolutely no blogging, webcasting, twittering, jotting or text messaging on this retreat! (and that includes me…. especially me!)


Tweet The hiking schedule has been updated on the SCHEDULE page. Here is an overview of the three full days in Yosemite: Fisiologicamente, √® associato ad un aumento del pene durante l’erezione o altri farmaci per l’impotenza e solo in presenza di eccitazione sessuale. Un valido alleato della nostra intimit√†, il secondo e’ un inibitore […]