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Off to Yosemite!

Tweet Well, this is it, we are off to YOSEMITE finally! No more Facebook, no Twitter, no e-mail, no cell phone, no work! I’m disconnecting for an entire week. I’ve been praying, planning and preparing for a year and its so exciting to see the eight guys that God brought together for this amazing week […]

The Best Thing for Your Ministry

Tweet Know what might be the best thing for your ministry right now? A new resource? A new program? A new book? A new curriculum? A new conference? A new idea? A new volunteer? A new senior pastor? :0) This may surprise you – but the best thing for your ministry right now may be […]

2009 Prayer Poster is Here!

Tweet The Yosemite Summit 2009 Prayer Poster is here! These are the guys headed to Yosemite next month for a four day encounter with God and His creation! Please DOWNLOAD THE PDF and pray for us, not only during this important week, but as God prepares each of us for what He wants to accomplish […]

Have Your Own Yosemite Summit

Tweet Yosemite Summiteers 2009 It’s official! The 2009 Yosemite Summit Unconference for Children’s Pastors has been filled. The 9 guys above will be setting aside ministry for four of the best days of their life in May. I’ll introduce you to them more in the weeks and months ahead, but for now I just wanted […]