A Bear, A Hidden Waterfall and Narnia!

Just got back from the 12th Annual Yosemite Summit! The forecast was for storms and rain all week, but God’s unmerited favor was upon us as we hiked in clear skies avoiding the stormy areas and even saw a bear along the trail!

When we visited the Giant Sequoias, it snowed and a few guys were sure they saw Aslan or a Fawn off in the distance!

Then, the following day, while hiking around Mirror Lake and the Tenya Canyon Loop, a 77 year old lady tipped us off to a major water fall just a short hike off a side trail at the end of the loop. The Snow Creek Fall isn’t even listed on the official Yosemite website list of waterfalls! We took her advice and what an amazing waterfall it turned out to be:

Enjoy this video I made for my kids at church Sunday morning:

Guys, pray about joining me next year on Yosemite Summit – the UNconference for Children’s Pastors! As I like to describe it:

No workshops – Just God working.

No resources – Just relationships.

No networking – Just God Working.

It will be the best investment you can make, not only in your ministry, but your walk with God, your marriage and your parenting. I can’t describe what this week does to rewire men. You just have to experience it for yourself. There is a reason nearly 50 men have gone, and many three, four or five times!

There are no updates yet about the 2020 Summit, but there will be one! Poke around the site and read about this year’s Summit to learn more about it. Be sure you are subscribed the Kidology Newsletter so you can be the first to know when Registration Opens this fall for the next Summit!

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