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Yosemite Summit is located inside the Yosemite National Park, during the prime month of May. This is the BEST time of year to visit Yosemite. The waterfalls are in the full force from the snow melt and are spectacular, the valley is greening up, the wildflowers are in bloom, school is not out yet, so the crowds have not started to build yet, the mosquitoes are not out yet, and the roads aren’t packed, and most years Glacier Point Road and the high country trails are open. While most lodging is either well over an hour drive outside the park, or in sub-standard housing right in the crowded valley, Yosemite Summit is located in luxury lodges in Yosemite West, an exclusive residential area few know about, and even fewer are able to stay at due to the cost. Kidology has determined to make it possible for this event. You might not be able to stay here otherwise. Located centrally, it provides access to all the key areas to begin our day hikes only 10 miles from Yosemite Valley. It is truly a life time opportunity.


(click for a larger image – the green arrow is our location)

We are staying in a lodge from Scenic Wonders, specifically Yosemite Escape. (different from graphic above)

There are three bedrooms, three baths, and a full kitchen and laundry room plus a full deck in a secluded wooded area giving wonderful privacy for fellowship and worship in the evenings.

From ScenicWonders.com “Located in a residential community called Yosemite West, our homes and condominiums are the closest accommodations to Yosemite Valley, Badger Pass Ski Area, Glacier Point, Wawona Golf Course and Mariposa Grove, home to California’s Giant Redwood Trees. Centrally located you’re just minutes to all the main attractions of Yosemite National Park! Avoid the crowds in Yosemite valley, and forget that 1-2 hour commute in and out of the park every day during your visit. By staying with Scenic Wonders, you will wake up in the morning refreshed, and be at some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery in just minutes!”



This is half dome as seen from space via Google Maps.

HOTEL LODGING BEFORE & AFTER: You need to arrive no later than Saturday, May 18th, and depart no sooner than Friday, May 24th. Hotel accommodations  are arranged so that we will all be in the same hotel and to get a group discount rate. DO NOT BOOK A ROOM, it is already booked for you. If you choose to come in a day earlier, (Thursday) as a few guys choose to do to help with the grocery shopping and just to begin to detach and mentally and spiritually prepare for the retreat, let me know, so I can book your room an extra night. Cost will be around $50 a night if you room with someone, and $100 if alone. Usually, there are enough guys who come early to share a room and split the cost. I need at least 1-2 guys to come early to help with event preparation. Consider it – it’s fun! Here is where we stay in Sacramento:

AGAIN: DO NOT BOOK A ROOM, I will book the room. $50 a night before and after the Summit will be billed to you. It is actually more, but Kidology subsidizes this for you.
(NOTE: This means you should budget $100 additional to the registration fee. It is not included because there are situations where some guys do not need to stay in Sacramento or have their own lodging.)

Residence Inn Sacramento – Cal Expo (front end)
1530 Howe Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95825

Fairfield Inn Sacramento – Cal Expo (back end)
1780 Tribute Road
Sacramento, CA 95815