Meeting God Upon the Rock

From one of the 2014 Summiteers:

Yosemite Summit was an incredible experience that I pray I’ll be able to attend again.  It truly was a place to experience our Creator like never before.  Put aside all the pressures and stresses of ministry and life and connect with the Father.  I’ve walked away from Yosemite Summit with a different view of myself, my family, and my ministry.

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My highlight was on the first day at Turtleback Dome. There was just something so moving about being able to see Tunnel View without all the crowds.  I can’t even really explain it, but as I sat on that enormous rock and had tears falling down my cheeks, I met God in a way that I feel that I haven’t in a long time. Powerful. Often the best times to hear from God is when everything around you is quiet and you just bask in His creation.

– Pat, 2014


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