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Yosemite Summit is five day personal sabbatical for Men in Ministry located in the heart of one of the most spectacular National Parks in America. This refreshing summit of renewal is limited to a small select group of men who will be staying at a luxurious lodge inside Yosemite and only ten miles from the famously breathtaking Yosemite Valley.

Get away from the office, the church, the phones, the Internet, and the busyness of life and ministry and re-coop with some fellow ministers hiking, worshiping, and enjoying genuinely refreshing fellowship surrounded by vistas that only God could create.

May 23rd – May 27th 2021 Sunday to Thursday
(Travel on May 22nd and May 28th)

Registration Open

The UNconference for Men in Ministry

No Workshops – Just Worship
No Resources – Just Relationships
No Networking – Just God Working


“Ministry has a way of draining those who are pouring into others. If you are a pastor or are in full time ministry and are in need of a break for refreshment, renewal or re-creation, prayerfully consider joining me on this sabbatical retreat. Set aside ministry and focus on your walk with God in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Learn more at the links below. I’m praying for God to bring together just the right men for a life changing encounter with God in a place where it is easy to feel His presence.” – Karl

This retreat will be a structured time of renewal that will provide both group and personal time of reflection, prayer, reading, and worship in a setting where God can truly be heard and experienced. Day hikes to some of the most stunning vistas in the world and evenings of rest and relaxation.


Yosemite Summit is a personal ministry of Karl Bastian, the president of Kidology.org, which exists to equip and encourage those who minister to children. Your host invites you to allow this retreat to be a time and place where you can meet with God removed from the distractions and pressures of daily ministry life. Karl will personally guide you to the hidden treasures of Yosemite that most tourists miss.

For more information, browse this site. Registration is limited to a small group of men who will join Karl on this retreat. To apply to attend Yosemite Summit, you must apply and be accepted. Karl chooses from applicants those who meet the goals for why he created this event. Request a Summit Application to begin a the process of applying.

Karl invites you to the only ministry conference where you will get absolutely no practical ideas or helpful resources for your ministry – but you will get help with the most important aspect of your ministry – your walk with God.


For a more personal explanation as to why Karl created this retreat, visit the WHY page.

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