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Built In Pit Stop

Tweet Is life crazy busy for you? Have you tried to get it in balance and failed? Have you striven for margin and seen it fill up over and over with church and other stuff and fought to get it out again? Have you wondered, “Can I ever win this battle to get control of […]

Why I’m Returning to Yosemite – Pat

Tweet Why go back to Yosemite? I prayed about the opportunity and tossed it around for a while. Would this year match the experience I had last year? Would it be better? Would it not be as good? There were so many reasons to go back and really no reason to not go. The number […]

You Need This

Tweet To get a feel for what Yosemite Summit is, watch the highlight videos on the 2008 and 2009 report pages and click down through the posts throughout this site. There is truly no other conference like this. That is why I call it the UNconference for children’s pastors. It is beyond description, as much […]