Built In Pit Stop

Is life crazy busy for you? Have you tried to get it in balance and failed? Have you striven for margin and seen it fill up over and over with church and other stuff and fought to get it out again? Have you wondered, “Can I ever win this battle to get control of my life?!”

Me too.

But at least something is different now. I have a built in pit stop in my life, called Yosemite Summit.


Every May, me and eight other children’s pastors (or ministry leaders) go to Yosemite National Park for a complete break-away from ministry to just fellowship with each other and focus on our relationship with God and ourĀ  relationships with our wives and kids. And nothing else.



We WALK AWAY FROM IT ALL. I’ve had to accept that while I will always be working on it, I will never master getting my daily life or week under control. There is just too much to do all the time. But at least I can look forward to once a year, every year, when I walk away from it all for four glorious days when I just enjoy God’s incredible creation in THE most spectacular place on earth. (Seriously, it is!)

If you are stressed out and thinking you don’t have time for Yosemite Summit – than YOU are exactly who DOES NEED Yosemite Summit, and believe me, not only can you leave everything and it will be waiting for you when you get back – but you will be different when you return, and everything will be lighter when you pick it upon your return, for reasons I can’t explain until you join me there…. it’s kinda a secret until you arrive and experience what happens on this retreat.


Why not trust God and build this Spiritual Pit Stop into your busy life? Your family and your SOUL will thank you… and so will your Savior.

And if you can’t come to Yosemite Summit… what is YOUR Built in Pit Stop?

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  1. Tom Bump

    I’ve been on this trip 2 times and it was amazing! Not only the amazing creation that you get to see but the fellowship with our Savior and my brothers in Christ was priceless. I cannot tell you how much this summit means to me. I am praying God will lead a few more guys to STOP and take time to work on themselves and their spiritual walk. Trust me, we all need it. I’d love to come back one more time, but really would like to see someone else join in and change their life, like mine has since last years summit.

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