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To get a feel for what Yosemite Summit is, watch the highlight videos on the 2008 and 2009 report pages and click down through the posts throughout this site. There is truly no other conference like this. That is why I call it the UNconference for children’s pastors. It is beyond description, as much as I try to describe it on this website. We spend four spectacular days hiking together in one of the most beautiful places on the planet enjoying God’s creation, getting to know each other, and feeling a complete release from the pressures and problems that we left behind. And when we get home, they somehow are never as heavy as when we left them, because of the time we spent with God on Yosemite Summit. It is truly a life-changing time with a band of brothers who will become your soul mates for a week. As I like to say, there are no workshops, just worship – no resources, just relationships, and no networking, just God working. And it is real in a way that you will just have to experience.

I urge you – pray about coming. You need it, more than you will realize until you are there.

If you need something to invite someone to Yosemite Summit, here is a flyer I carry around to invite guys: Yosemite Summit Invite PDF

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