The hiking schedule has been updated on the SCHEDULE page. Here is an overview of the three full days in Yosemite:


Monday, May 19th, 2008

After breakfast we will drive into the Valley and start with Bridal Falls. Next, stop along the valley for introductory views of the Valley and a visit to the Yosemite Chapel. Park in Yosemite Village and walk to the Mirror Lake Loop. On our way out of the valley we will stop and enjoy the Base of Yosemite Falls hike. After enjoying lunch in the valley at the El Capitan picnic area, we will drive to Tunnel View and do the hike to the Inspiration Point in the late afternoon and then return to the lodge in the evening.


Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Our second day will be the longest and most ambitious hike, but will be done at a leisurely pace. We will leave very early in the morning so that we can experience the sunrise at Glacier Point. (We will need to park in the valley and secure a ride to Glacier Point) We will then hike the Panorama Trail all the way to Nevada Fall and then follow the Mist Trail past Vernal Fall and back into the valley. This is an eight-hour hike, mostly downhill, so we should be done by early evening and return to the lodge.


Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Our final full day in Yosemite will begin on Glacier Point Road at the Sentinel Dome / Taft Point Trailhead. We will hike first to Sentinel Dome and then use the Pohono Trail to loop around to the Taft Point Trail to Taft Point. This will certainly be enough hiking for the day and we will conclude the day with dinner in the Valley followed by viewing the sunset at Glacier Point. (After a stop off at Washburn Point)


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