Yosemite Summit 2015 Prayer Poster

I would appreciate if you would join me in praying for the fellows who will be going to Yosemite Summit 2015. Maybe you’ve gone in the past, maybe you’re still praying about coming in the future. Be a part of this year by lifting us up in prayer before and during the Summit.

Below is a Prayer Poster. Print and post where you’ll see it, and join me in praying for each guy on this event as Yosemite Summit approaches.

1) For God to be preparing us for what He has in store!
2) For great friendships to be created/deepened.
3) For safety as we hike in God’s Creation.
4) For the ability to be able to completely release what we leave behind and be complete open to what God wants to do that week.
5) For our families while we are away.

YS15prayerposterClick image above to download 4MB PDF

THANKS for your prayers! Be sure to pray about joining me in 2016!


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