Yosemite Summit 2012 Full; Waiting List Opens

Yosemite Summit 2012 is now full. That doesn’t mean an opening couldn’t open up, occasionally things happen where an attendee can’t come and cancels in the last month – so if you would like to come, I would still recommend you make a deposit and register so that if an opening is freed up last minute due to any changes, you can in “in line” to attend. See complete Waiting List details.

But as of now, Yosemite Summit 2012 is already fully booked!

Looking forward to what God has in store for the guys He has brought together for this unique year. I’m taking a smaller group for this 5th year – no massive van, a new cabin, and some new ideas He has impressed upon me. It will be especially fresh for two repeat guys who are coming back.

Appreciate your  prayer for this event in the coming months.


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