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It is always encouraging to read how former “Summiteers” describe their experience at Yosemite Summit when they return back to their churches and ‘normal life’ after encountering God with eight other children’s pastors disconnected from ministry and the noise of normal life.

Steve Bourque attended the second annual Summit and recently wrote the following article for his churches newsletter.

Yosemite National Park is really quite amazing. I’ve known about it for many years, but I’ve only visited one
time. Recently, I traveled alone to meet up with eight other Children’s Pastors in California. We agreed that
this would not be a conference, but a retreat or  “unconference”. We all wanted to break away from regular life to reconnect deeply with our Creator in his creation. We were all challenged to hear from God.

As I spent extended time meditating on the Bible I began to hear. God was speaking to me.

One of the questions God was asking me to look into was “What are your fears?” At the risk of being vulnerable, I will mention a fear that became a theme among the others I listed. I fear disapproval. Now, if all are honest, everyone can admit to this. It just looks different for different people. Specifically for me, it translates into not wanting to be embarrassed or say something dumb or not be accepted by someone or some group. (click image to read entire article in PDF)


Read the entire article by Downloading this PDF

Yosemite Summit has a unique impact on each guy who attends. So far, two men have reserved their spot for 2010, and one is returning from 2009. That tells you something! Let me encourage you to prayerfully consider joining me in May 2010 for a retreat unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Only God knows what you may be writing about in your church newsletter next summer!

(Read about my visit to Steve’s church here: Chronicles of Sarnia)

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