Back From Yosemite

Well, I’m back from Yosemite Summit 2009. It was an incredible week! I’m slowly beginning the process of returning to civilization and responsibility. I have 4,517 photos from all nine guys to edit, sort and highlight, so there will be more to tell in the weeks ahead, and of course, a highlight video. But for now I can say that GOD SHOWED UP and each of us had an incredible time connecting with God through his amazing creation and through the fellowship of a band of brothers who are now lifetime friends.

Brent, Scott, Matt, Pat, Karl, Steve, Tom, Scott and Marc.

We journeyed through a process each day reflecting on some key questions for thought and prayer but also simply being open to what God wanted to communicate to us when we were listening to a degree not often possible in “real life.”

Here was our mission statement for the week: (this was a bookmark I provided)

Each day we had a KEY WORD for reflection:

  1. REMEMBERING what we had forgotten
  2. Identifying how God is REFINING us
  3. Seeking to REFOCUS on what matters most
  4. Determining a RESOLVE to take home with us.

We also look at four primary callings we have:

  1. To walk with God
  2. To love our wives
  3. To lead our kids
  4. To shepherd our ministries

Of course, there was a lot more to these as we unfolded them each day, but it was awesome to see how God weaved through the events of the week, the focused thought and questions, and what God was already doing in each of our lives that brought us to Yosemite.

Coming down Sentinel Dome where there was
still some snow on a warm day!

The weather was fantastic, the views incredible, and the fellowship rich. God revealed Himself to us in a variety of ways, provided for our needs and reminded us often of His love and care for us throughout the week.  It’s hard to believe the second Yosemite Summit is history. It was once again an incredible life-changing event for each of us who took the time to get away and give God some focused attention in a place He seems to have created just for that purpose!

I stopped in Colorado for a day on the way home and soon will be catching up on all the e-mails and voice mails and even snail mail that I know awaits me. But until after the weekend… I’m still on retreat!

By the way: It’s not too late to start thinking and praying about joining me next year for Yosemite Summit 2010! Only eight men can join me… perhaps YOU will be one of them!?

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