2009 Prayer Poster is Here!

The Yosemite Summit 2009 Prayer Poster is here! These are the guys headed to Yosemite next month for a four day encounter with God and His creation!

Please DOWNLOAD THE PDF and pray for us, not only during this important week, but as God prepares each of us for what He wants to accomplish in our lives on this retreat.

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  1. I and our church’s college group have traveled to Yosemite several times hungry for an encounter with God and have never left wanting. His beauty and majesty is visible in every mountain top and summit. May He reveal more of Himself to you than you have ever imagined. Exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever ask or think! Blessings to your group!! Half Dome is AMAZING!

  2. Sue Mooney

    We, my extended family, visited Yosemite last week. My parents live not far from there. Taking my 4 granddaughters was so fun. The water is high, the falls are full (take rain slickers) and snow patches are still around. The hand of God is amazing to behold! Every time I go I am wowed by God’s greatness.

    May God reveal Himself in a new way each day!