A Day in the Life of a Children’s Pastor

Some know me as the creator of Toyboxtales.com, where there are currently 99 online videos made with toys to teach kids important life lessons and God, the Bible or the Christian life. For the 100th TOYBOX TALE I decided to make one specifically for Children’s Pastors. It will soon be released on toyboxtales.com and an abbreviated version is available on YouTube, but I decided to post the FULL VERSION here on YosemiteSummit.org first – as it will give you a glimpse into why children’s pastors need a break like Yosemite Summit provides.

If you can relate to this video, you should seriously and prayerfully consider joining me next May in Yosemite!

ENJOY: A Day in the Life of a Children’s Pastor!

I look forward to seeing who God will bring together for this important and potentially life-changing event! Register Today!

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