Back from Yosemite Summit 2014


A full report with highlight video will be coming soon (I’ve got some catching up to do from being “unplugged” for a week) – but I wanted to at least let you all know we got back, share a few pictures and give you a free wallpaper for your computer!


We had a fantastic week – walking with God and enjoying some amazing fellowship. About a week before the Summit a friend sent me the following facebook message and hit the nail on the head as to WHY myself and a small group of other men drop everything and go on this Summit each year. Here is what they sent me, written by Tony Evans:

In Exodus 34:23-24, we read that three times a year all the males in Israel were to go on a retreat before the Lord who ruled over them. In the Old Testament, the phrase “Lord your God” means sovereign Lord. Three times a year, all of the men were to go to a certain location, and in so doing, acknowledge the sovereign rule of God in their lives. Now, before we move past that too quickly, let’s look at what that might have done to those left behind.

Three times a year all of the males left their land and homes. From a military and defense perspective, that is unthinkable. From a commerce and agricultural perspective, that is unthinkable. All the men are gone and there are only women and children left to fend for themselves? That doesn’t sound like a very good national strategy.

But that is where the second verse in this passage comes in. God says that while you are away seeking Me and honoring Me under My authority, men, do not worry. He says that He will see to it that no one will bother your land, houses, or anyone left behind. We read, “… no man shall covet your land when you go up . . . to appear before the Lord your God.”

In other words, God is saying that if you will simply align yourself under My authority, then I’ve got it. I’ll take care of the rest. I have you covered. But in order for God to cover you, men, you are going to have to humble yourself under His authority. You are going to have to align your thoughts, actions, decisions, and leadership under the overarching viewpoint and authority of God.

For an entire week, five men joined me for this very purpose. If you are a man looking at the Yosemite Summit and thinking, “I can’t get away like that.” Consider how the Israelite men felt when God asked them to do this three times a year. Every man on this Summit reports how it is a sacrifice to do this, but they always find it more than worth the time invested in their walk with God.


Let me challenge any man in ministry to prayerfully consider blocking off May 17-21, 2015 on your calendar right now and start praying about whether you might be able to join me next year at Yosemite Summit.


We end every Summit at the Yosemite Chapel, a fully functional church in the heart of Yosemite Valley. As we wrapped up this year’s Summit we marveled at how God had provided for us. At times miraculously throughout the week. Thank you for your prayers as we invested this time in our relationship with God, our wives and children – and as a result, our ministries.

This year we got to see some incredible cloud formations – you’ll see more in the highlight video and report to come, but for now, here is a FREE wallpaper you can put on your computer as a reminder to praying about Yosemite Summit:

Click Image to download high resolution version.

Click Image to download high resolution version.

Download: YS14wallpaper-HalfDomeClouds.jpg (3.2 MB)

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