Three Are Returning

First Light on Three Brothers, Yosemite National Park

The Three Brothers

It tells me something when I have three Summiteers returning in 2011 to the fourth Yosemite Summit, some for the third time. It tells me they can’t get enough of that amazing place. It tells me they know there is just something about connecting with God there at the heights, in the valleys, at the base of the massive water falls and along the quiet paths. It tells me they heard Him there… and want to hear Him again. It tells me when they got home things were different, better, richer, deeper… that their wives noticed something about them had changed… and they want to feel that again. It tells me they understand the transformative power of leaving everything behind and ceasing DOING and just BEING for several days.

There is no way to adequately describe what happens at Yosemite Summit. But you can try yourself, after you join us. Only eight men can join me. And half the spots have already been claimed. I have some incredible plans for next year. I’ve learned a lot doing this. I know the park and the journey well now. Won’t you join me in 2011?

Read through this site. Watch the videos. Read the reports and the quotes of the men who have gone. And then choose to be one of the lucky ones who takes that bold step and comes. Very few step out of the rat race of ministry and spend time with God and some fellow brothers. Be one of them. It will be a highlight of your life. I promise you.


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  1. Tom Bump

    I’m the one returning for the 3rd Time. I would be returning for the 4th time if some other circumstances hadn’t prevented me from going last year.
    Yosemite Summit has been huge in my life, my family and my ministry. I am someone who is not physically built for hiking but God gave me the endurance needed to make the climbs. I also do not like heights and so there were many challenges for me to overcome personally. It was on a solitude walk around Mirror lake where God “walked” with me for a while. I experienced things that I cannot put into words really but as I moved along the river and crossed over a bridge for the return trip to the other side of the lake I had a major breakthrough and many burdens I had been carrying fell of and washed down that raging river. I was FREE! Free to be God’s child fully again, Free to lead my home as a man of God and Free to minister to the children and families God had given to me to care for.
    I get very emotional when I talk about Yosemite, Maybe you are reading this thinking about going but think, I don’t like heights, I’m not in good enough shape to hike (that can change, just ask me, I’m working on that too) All those things can be overcome. Finances, etc. Don’t let anything stop you from coming. Pray and ask God do you want me to meet you in Yosemite? and if the answer is yes, get your deposit in! You don’t want to hear, sorry it’s filled! I’d love to meet you in person and share more about what God has done through Yosemite!! (Sorry Karl, I didn’t know I’d write this much) LOL!

  2. Duane

    Ahhhh, Yosemite Summit! Truthfully, I didn’t realize what I signed up for when I sent in my deposit a year ago. I was on the YS 2010 team. It was the greatest spiritual renewal events I have ever experienced. So many moments of that event truly helped transform me and my spiritual life. My life is not the same as it was before attending YS 2010. Let me tell you three things to encourage you to take that last spot: 1. Acceptance…the guys greeted me with open arms and warm hearts. 2. Honesty…be prepared to hear hearts open and be prepared to open your heart. (it is amazing how easy it was to open up in a room filled with new friends). 3. Theophany…YS 2010 was my burning bush experience. I heard God, I saw Him, I felt Him, I experienced God in a way I had never experienced HIM before. Expect to owe Karl a HUGE thank-you for the rest of your life. THANK YOU!

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