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Soon it will be time for a  small band of men to get away from the hustle and busyness and life and ministry and go where it is so quiet and serene you can almost hear the Voice of God audible in the wind…


But first, it is time to open registration for Yosemite Summit 2011! Every year a very small group of children’s pastors get to gather in Yosemite National Park, literally one of the most spectacular places on God’s earth to hike up beyond the Valley where the millions of annual visitors linger to spend some incredible time in prayer, in the Word and enjoying fellowship with other men who uniquely understand their struggles.

It is four days of releasing their normal life and embracing only their identity as men of God, husbands, dads and brothers. Something that they often have never done for several days in a row. No work. No e-mail. No voice mail. No nothing – but God, and each other. Creation, fresh air – and stunning views. Some of the tallest waterfalls in the world, the sheerest cliffs, the bluest skies and the most stars they’ve ever seen.

And this year, I’m introducing a self determined scholarship so that those who couldn’t afford Yosemite Summit in the past can afford to come this year – no need to apply for the scholarship. I trust you. Just opt to pay less. I know the guys with the bigger budgets will pay the full price, so the guys from the smaller churches can pay less. Please understand, there is no margin built in to this event, I’m just willing to take a loss so that the guys who need this event can come. If a church can afford the full fee, I expect them to pay the full fee, I’ve not marked it up to cover the scholarships. We simply believe in this event and truly want to be an encouragement to those who truly need a retreat like this. Believe me – I’ve been there, I know what what it feels like to need to get away, and I want to make the possible, even if it costs Kidology financially to provide that for children’s pastors. I asked my board for permission to give Yosemite Summit away at a loss if that’s what it takes to help the guys who need this event to be able to come.

Complete details are on the COST page of this site. Anyone who is interested in sponsoring a guy who needs this event, donations are welcome. But even if we don’t get any donations, I want to make sure those who NEED Yosemite Summit, aren’t kept away.


If you need Yosemite Summit – THIS IS THE YEAR TO COME! I already have several verbal commitments and one registration, so don’t delay! There are only 8 spots and I have a very cool hiking schedule and other unique plans for 2011, so register asap!

Yosemite Summit is a unique journey into what it means to be a man, husband, father and a child of God independent of your ministry and “work” for God. It has the potential to change you in very simple and yet powerful ways. Don’t underestimate the incredible impact this short retreat “unplugged” from ministry and the regular demands of life can have on your soul, your walk with God, and your family and relationships. You’ll be so glad you came to Yosemite Summit.

Explore the site, read the reports and watch the videos from previous years: 2008, 2009, 2010, read the testimonials by going back through the posts, and I think you will find this is something you’ll want to be a part of. It is truly a wonderful experience.


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