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Last year at this time I was overwhelmed with depression, anger, insecurity, and the demands of a ministry that I didn’t realize was coming to an end.  The Yosemite Summit turned out to be exactly what I needed to recognize my true value before an amazing God who delights in me regardless of my performance or behavior.  The months following the Summit were difficult for my family as we left our church without knowing where God would take us next, but I can say with certainty that Karl’s invitation to Yosemite led to a healing and contentment that I couldn’t have survived without.

Praise God that I’m in a much better situation this year.  Yes, I’m returning to Yosemite, and if you are going through anything like I was a year ago, I hope to meet you there and be a part of your renewal.  You need this more than you realize!


Note: Brent went to the second Summit and added a PS that after writing this e-mail he was heading off to lunch with a Yosemite Summiteer from the first year that I hooked him up with when he moved to Phoenix. Amazing how God has used this event to create friendships even outside of any beyond Yosemite!

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  1. Duane Boady

    Brent – I can’t wait to meet you. Since you have been there, and done that before…help me pack the right items. The backpack – how big should it be and should it have the water thing inside it? Any help you have would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks – email me if you can. d.boady@insightbb.com

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