Yosemite Summit, in their words…

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Guys, we’re at the critical spot – there are ONLY THREE spots left for Yosemite Summit. If you have thought about this retreat, prayed about it, perhaps dreamed about it – don’t let it slip by! Register ASAP as it will soon be too late to join us for 2009, and there is no guarentee of next year. I hope to do this every year for the rest of my life, but I can only promise one year at a time.

There are not words to describe just how incredible this week is. Of course, I have tried on the Yosemite Summit site many times to describe both the natural and supernatural impact of this trip. But with only three spots left, let me share with you what some of last years guys wrote to me after getting home from Yosemite Summit:

It was great to begin new friendships and gain valuable ministry perspective from the stories of those in our group.  Furthermore the times I did get alone with God were especially rich and meaningful.

I needed a vision for the finishing of our new Children’s Building, God gave it to me on this trip.  I had a couple of other unanswered prayers and areas I needed direction on and I got them on this trip.  It gave me time to get out of the business of ministry and listen to what God had to say to me.

If you are having a hard time spiritually and personally, you need this trip.  It is a great time to be forced to get away from the business of ministry and life to listen to what God has for you.  We get so overwhelmed with the work/business of the ministry, doing it under our own power, we forget about relying on God.  God is our source of power, and strength.  There is no place better the Yosemite to see God’s power, strength and creation.  And there is no better group of people to share this with than guys who share your pain and blessings!

When I got back and met with my Senior Pastor he said he could see a level excitement and new enthusiasm.

The Yosemite Summit, exceeded everything I dreamed. As I walked through God’s creation, I could sense his presence more and more. Taking time away from everything and focusing on my spiritual health will only strengthen my daily walk, my family, and my ministry. It was a financial investment for my family to attend, but they have already said it was well worth sending me on. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have been a part of the first Yosemite Summit. I know in my heart I will never really leave it.

Perhaps it will be YOU soon describing what an incredible week you had. Register today!

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