New Year’s Resolution: Register for Yosemite Summit!

Hey Men! Looking for the best New Year’s Resolution you can make in 2014? Register for Yosemite Summit.


Yosemite Summit┬áis the refreshing break from ministry you’ve been needing for longer than you realize. Ministry has a way of draining the life out of men – we do do do. Getting away from work, responsibilities and all forms of electronic communication has a way of refreshing that is hard to describe.


It’s called the “UNconference” for a reason. There are no workshops, no resources, and barely a schedule. I’ve even had guys struggle with the fact that I can’t answer questions like, “What time will we eat?” or “What time will we get back to the cabin.” The answer is just, “when we find a nice spot to stop” or “when we get there.” Yosemite Summit is an experience in learning to “be” instead of constantly “doing.” It is a time when leaders get to stop leading and just become participants in an event they don’t have to plan or clean up afterward.


I invite you to explore this site, as there is a lot of information here about the Summit. From the annual reports linked at the top, annual highlight videos, as well as many blog posts about the retreat that will tell you alot, many from the perspective of guys who have come.


It may just be the most refreshing thing you do in 2014. Only five guys can come, so don’t hesitate to sign up!




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