Confessions of a Driven Pastor


A while back I found the articles linked below on and they were exactly what I needed at the time. I have since shared them with many men and I offer them here, not as something I think you might need, but as something I NEEDED that you just might too.

I recommend you read and digest just one at a time and actually DO the recommended assignment provided in each PDF download.

Confessions of a Driven Pastor I (Download Part One)

It’s no longer safe to assume that people in ministry have healthy souls and just need a little coaching in the leadership area. – Pastor Lance Witt

 Confessions of a Driven Pastor II (Download Part Two)

For years I intuitively knew that I was violating my soul. In honest and quiet moments, I longed to get off the treadmill but didn’t know how. – Pastor Lance Witt

I pray that you will find these artilces as convicting and as helpful to you as I did.

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