Whisper or Two-by-Four?

Steve Farrar in his book “Quiet Whispers from God’s Heart for Men” writes in the introduction:

If I’d been choosing the title for this book, I wouldn’t have chosen a phrase like Whispers for Men. I would have suggested Tow-by-Four’s for Men. It seems to me that it takes a two-by-four across the side of my head for God to get my attention.

But before God ever takes out the two-by-four, He whispers. He speaks gently. He speaks quietly. Yet we’re usually so busy and so preoccupied that we don’t hear…. Part of growing in our Christian life is learning to hear God when He whispers. And life is certainly much easier when we respond to a whisper rather than something more sever….

THIS IS WHY WE ARE GOING TO YOSEMITE! To hear God whisper. To get AWAY from the busyness if ministry that can suck our spiritual life dry. To hear what God is trying to tell us before He needs to do something severe.

I invite you to join me! 

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