Join Me for Yosemite Summit 2013

There are no words that can describe Yosemite Summit.

You can read through this site. You can read the reports linked at the top by year and watch the videos on those pages.

I can tell you that two men who have come have started their own private Yosemite Summits as a result of experiencing this original “Summit” – and I am so honored by them.

But in the end, you simply need to come.

Registration is open.

If you have felt the “tug” over the years to attend Yosemite Summit, perhaps 2013 is the year you will say “yes” and join me. I’ve reduced the number of men who can join me, and opened it any man in ministry (rather than just children’s pastors) so the invitation is extended.

The UNconference for Men in Ministry

No Workshops – Just Worship
No Resources – Just Relationships
No Networking – Just God Working

May 19-23, 2013 Sunday to Thursday
(Travel on 18th and 24th)

Join me. It will change your life.

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